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Premises Liability

Slip and Fall Accidents: Know Your Rights

Every trip and fall or slip and fall accident is unique and requires an experienced attorney to determine what your claim is potentially worth. Depending on the situation and cause of the accident, the property owner could be responsible for your injuries. This is especially true if the property owner was aware of dangerous conditions and neglected to fix the situation or block the area from pedestrians using the area.

In order to win a slip and fall case, the injured person must prove that the business establishment had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition and should have taken action to remedy it. Constructive knowledge can be proved by circumstantial evidence showing that the dangerous condition existed for such a length of time, that in the exercise of ordinary care, the business establishment should have known of the condition. Constructive knowledge can also be proven by showing that the dangerous condition occurred with regularity and was therefore foreseeable.

Property owners, including homeowners or business owners in Florida can be held responsible for:

  • Code Violations
  • Wet slippery floors
  • Slippery floors due to greasy or foreign substances
  • Poor or insufficient lighting
  • Cracked flooring
  • Change in flooring levels due to defective design or defective flooring
  • Lack of handrails on stairways or walkways
  • Objects placed in a location creating the risk of tripping and falling

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a slip and fall or trip and fall please call our team of experienced trip and fall or slip and fall lawyers at Raposo & Lukacs as soon as possible. It is crucial to begin collecting and preserving evidence such as photographs, videos, and witnesses.

Slip and Fall Accidents: What is Your Claim Worth?

Chances are there has been a moment in your life when you have slipped and fallen. These types of accidents happen anywhere and at any time. Commonly the situation happens due to hazardous conditions which is the cause of more than eight million slip and fall accidents every year. Some accidents may result in the collection of damages and wages lost associated with injuries. The value of each case varies but our team of experienced trip and fall or slip and fall lawyers will fight to protect your rights.

Important Slip and Fall Accident Tip

When someone slips and falls they sometimes feel embarrassed, so they immediately start telling everyone around them that witnessed the accident that they are ok. Some people even go as far to say they were the cause of the accident because they didn’t see the item that caused them to slip and fall. A helpful tip that will benefit you during a claim is not to say anything after the accident. Do your best to remain calm, point out any injuries and don’t answer any questions.

If the slip and fall accident happens on a business property such as a grocery store, they usually fill out a report. They will ask you questions and ask you to describe what happened. Stay focused when speaking and point out any obstructions, items, debris or what exactly it was that caused the accident. You can even go as far as taking a picture of the scene with your cell phone camera. Try to take the picture before any cleanup is performed.

If your slip and fall accident did happen at the fault or negligence of the property owner you should seek a claim or lawsuit if serious injuries or loss of wages occurred.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Know Your Rights

A slip and fall accident can happen to anyone at any time. Common places slip and fall accidents occur are at stores, parking lots, and offices. A slippery floor, rain, and other conditions can cause an accident. This type of incident happens without notice and often takes the victim by surprise. Injuries and other issues can ensue. The following information will help you learn your rights after a slip and fall accident.

Who’s fault is it?

Proving who is at fault for a slip and fall accident can be difficult. However, if you suddenly slipped in a substance on the floor in a store or office, it is important to take pictures of the scene afterward. It is essential to gather information about the cause of the accident.

Public places usually have cameras for security reasons. These same cameras also record activity that happens throughout the day, which can include a slip and fall accident. Generally, you will need to prove the owner of the building is at fault by proving the conditions were dangerous.

Don’t Sign Any Papers

Sometimes owners or managers of public places will ask you to sign a document related to the slip and fall accident. Do not sign anything without an attorney reviewing it first. On occasion, these documents include fine print that can prevent you from bringing a lawsuit against the owner. Protect yourself by hiring an attorney to help you through the process so you don’t get taken advantage of by the property owner.

Commercial Property Responsibilities

If you experience a slip and fall at a commercial property the following needs to happen before a lawsuit is considered.

  • Proof the Owner Caused the Situation – Generally the condition of the flooring is the responsibility of the commercial property owner. If they neglect to fix flooring that causes your accident, you can file a lawsuit against the property.
  • Awareness – Proof has to show that the owner already was aware of the dangerous surface but did nothing to fix it promptly.

Slip and fall accidents are complex and require the assistance of an experienced trip and fall or slip and fall attorney and our team of experienced lawyers at Raposo & Lukacs are ready to assist you. If you or a loved one has been involved in a trip and fall or  slip and fall accident, please contact us immediately to review if you have a case or not.