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What Can You Expect When You Choose Florida Injury Lawyers, Raposo & Lukacs, PLLC?

Choosing the right attorney has a major impact on your case. You need someone who will do more than add your case to the pile. You need a firm who takes action immediately, and who is willing to fight aggressively to protect your rights in court. At Raposo & Lukacs, our attorneys and paralegals commit to doing whatever it takes to win while making sure our clients feel confident at every step along the way. No matter the circumstances or who is to blame – you deserve to put your life back together, and we want to make sure you have every opportunity to do so.
As our client, these are our promises to you:

1. We Will Treat You Like an Individual.

In personal injury and medical malpractice litigation, the details matter. We get to know you personally so that we can use the specific facts of your case to seek maximum compensation for your losses.

2. We Work Diligently to Resolve Your Case.

Most cases can settle prior to trial, and we work diligently to prepare your case as quickly as possible. We know what works, and we will use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

3. As Florida Injury lawyers, We Will Be Fully Prepared for Trial.

We handle every case as though it were going to trial. Legal cases are unpredictable and often the opposing party refuses to settle or attempts to talk down a plaintiff into accepting less compensation than what they are entitled to. Mr. Raposo and Mr. Lukacs are both experienced trial lawyers who have taken numerous cases to verdict and are prepared to go to trial to ensure you have every opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve.

4. We Help You Make Smart Decisions.

Should you see another doctor? Should you accept a settlement? When is it okay for you to go back to work? These are important questions, and we will help you make smart decisions.

5. We Are Here for You 24/7.

We take our obligations to our clients very seriously. We understand that your situation is difficult, confusing and oftentimes frustrating. Our attorneys and paralegals are accessible, responsive and always available to answer your questions or concerns.


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