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Bicycle Accidents

Car and Bicycle Accidents can prove to be fatal or can cause serious injuries. The cause of these accidents is critical to establish that the driver of the vehicle was negligent. In a bicycle accident case involving any injuries or death, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed if the driver of the vehicle was negligent.

Basics of Accident Liability

Both Cyclists and drivers should pay heed to traffic rules. These rules require you to abide by certain laws and be responsible for the safety of people traveling on the road and as well as your own.

Bicycle Accidents Due to Neglect

When a cyclist files a lawsuit against the car driver to recover his losses for injuries, the result solely depends on the following two factors.

  • Was the accident caused due to the negligence of the driver thereby resulting in injuries to the cyclist
  • Was the bicyclist careless in a way which could have contributed to the accident?

Driver Negligence

Negligence caused by a driver can be because of various reasons. For instance, speeding, driving in a bike lane or bypassing a stop sign are examples of how the driver has put the safety of other people on the road in jeopardy. In this case, the cyclist must prove that the driver violating basic traffic laws thereby causing him the injury. This should be backed by strong evidence or an eyewitness to prove the negligence of the driver.

At Fault Driver’s Insurance

One of the most effective ways to get compensated is by filing a third-party claim with the insurance company of the driver who caused you this injury. You will be able to recover compensation for your bodily injury, economic damages, pain and suffering and the repair or replacement of your bicycle.

Do the following to properly document your Bicycle Accident claim:

  • Immediately call the police
  • Get all the required medical attention your deem necessary
  • Get your documents together including pictures of the accident scene and injuries
  • Gather the names and contact information for any potential witnesses
  • Contact the experienced bicycle attorneys at Raposo & Lukacs so we can work diligently to protect your rights.